How do some sellers sell Japanese Takara Tomys so cheap?

1.  It's fake or fraud (they'll take your money) and not send you your product.

2.  The is the SEA (Southeast Asia) version produced by a different Takaratomy group (TOMY Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd, a private company), in a separate factory. SEA Takara Tomy look identical to Japan Takara Tomy  but the SEA versions do not have the NFC chip or scan card/QR Code for the Japan beyblade burst game.  The materials are cheaper because the beys sell for less in Southeast Asia.  

3.  It's a wholesaler selling to the retail public.  Wholesalers are allowed to sell to the public but they will still have to sell in bulk to make back the margin. 

Are SEA (Southeast Asia) Takara Tomy the same as Japan Import Takara Tomy?

No. Similar to the Korea Takara Tomy Beyblades, the beys look the same but the SEA (Southeast Asia) version box looks identical to the Japanese boxes.  The only way to tell that it's an SEA Takara Tomy is that it is missing the NFC Chip (inside the layer chips) and the QR code for the App game.  All Takara Tomys have QR codes except for SEA Takara Tomys and WBBA Takara Tomys.  The quality is much lower on SEA Takara Tomy Beyblades and they don't qualify for the WBBA championship games.  

How to tell whether the Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst is the Original Genuine Japan Import?

  1. Please pay for the box.  It tells a lot.  The top right hand corner always has Takara Tomy logo and the back of the box always has a UPC code. The box also keeps the beys better protected during shipping.  
  1. The bey is always packaged in a 3 sectioned (layer, disc, tip) polybag taped firmly onto cardboard. 
  1. The 3 parts of the bey (layer, disc, tip) should match the image on the back of the box exactly.  Extremely rare, the layer or disc will be different.  Those are not fake.  They are highly prized and there's even a youtube video on someone opening 1,000 boxes of the Cho-Z Achilles boxes to get the rare.  
  1. For the grips and launchers, beyblade will always be imprinted on the grips and launchers and if you look in the back, there will always be something like 

© HM,BB (the manufacturer's number will change based on the type of takara tomy product), © TOMY and Made in Vietnam imprinted on the back.  

  1. For the beys, if you look at the top of the tip, there will also be something like 

© HM,BB (the manufacturer's number will change based on the type of takara tomy product), © TOMY and Vietnam imprinted.  Also, some of the beys, if you look on the underside of the layer, there will be a R or L imprinted for right spin or left spin.

6. The forge disc or chassis will have the type printed on it.  For example, Brave Valkryie's chassis is 2A so 2A will be printed on the chassis.  The hell salamander's forge disc is 12, therefore 12 will be on the forge disc. 

7. Takara Tomy Japan is the only original Takara Tomy Beyblade Bursts. Takara Tomy licenses the right to produce beyblade bursts to Hasbro (US), Takara Tomy Korea (Green Elephant logo on the top right corner of the box), Sonokong (Korea), and now owns Takara Tomy SEA (Southeast Asia) (the boxes look identical to Japan's except it does not have the QR Code for the Japan game and it's missing the NFC chip).  However, the SEA TTs do not qualify for WBBA and are lower quality and wholesales for half of Japan Takara Tomy.  Just be careful.  If you collect,  SEAs are not collectibles.  

8. The QR Code is usually located on the bottom inside tab of the box or with the sticker set (most Random boosters and custom sets). Scan into your phone to take you to the Japan beyblade burst game app. 

9.  The only Japan Takara Tomy missing the QR codes are the WBBA limited editions, grips, launchers, grip weights/rubber sidings.   

Are Hasbro Beyblade Burst original?

No, in the way that Korea is not original.  Hasbro buys the licensing rights from Japan Takara Tomy but they are not the same company.  

Are Korea Takara Tomys Authentic?

No, in the way that Hasbro is not original.  Korea Takara Tomy buys the licensing rights from Japan Takara Tomy but they are not the same company.  Sonokong is also a Korea company that has licensing rights.  Oddly, they produce better beys than Takaratomy Korea.  

What are the different Markets for Beyblade Bursts?

The Original Genuine Japan Takara Tomy Beyblade Bursts are intended for the Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong.  The corporate group responsible for production of Takara Tomy is Tomy Asia Limited.  Be cautious, however, as Takaratomy Asia Limited do sell SEA beys but that are required to disclose that the beys are SEA.  Many sellers will buy the SEA version with the Takaratomy Asia Limited sticker and not disclose that the beys are SEA. Look for the scan code always.  

The Hasbro Beyblade Bursts are intended for North America, Latin America, and Europe.  

The Korea Takara Tomy is intended for Korea. 

The SEA (Southeast Asia) Takara Tomy are intended for Southeast Asia.  

Does Japan Takara Tomy limit the release of their products? 

Yes.  Japan Takara Tomy limits the volume release of their products.  Out of all the Beyblade Bursts out there, the Japan Takaratomy has the highest quality in terms of materials and quality control.  Japan Takara Tomy new releases have the highest cost and sell out fast. So, if you see them for really cheap, it's probably the SEA version.  Even Japan wholesalers cannot compete with SEA prices.  

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